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  1. How can I install mods into Gta 4?


    Part 1 Nessesary Tools:


    The first thing you'll need is a img. tool like Spark IV. You can get Spark IV here:http://www.gtainside...at=326&id=28310. Then whe need a new car or plane to modify with the old one. I get the most of my cars here : www.gtainside.com and here: www.gta4-mods.com. Then you'll have to choose a car you like and download it.


    Part 2 Installation:


    Ok, now whe have everything whe need. Go to your desktop and open the folder of your downloaded car. The most cars have a readme folder, open it. In the readme file should be a lot of information, like who made it and stuff, there also should be a handling line, a vehicles line and if necessary a carcols line. First select the handling line and copy it. Now go to your Gta 4 main folder: or just paste this C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV (THIS LINE IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WITH WINDOSW 7!!!) now whe want to go to our common file/data and then hit H to go to your handling.dat file, open the handling.dat file and look for the line you want to replace. Then save it as "all files" (save it to your desktop, you only have to save it to your desktop the first time) then drag it to your data folder and replace it. Then repeat these steps for the vehicles.ide and the carcols.dat files. Now go back again to the folder of your new car and extract the .wtd and .wft files to a new folder called "Gta 4 mods" or "Mods for Gta 4."


    Part 3 Installation of the car:


    Now open your Spark IV folder and click at the SparkIV.exe file to open Spark IV. Now hit "Browse" and go all the way down to models/cdimages, then go to vehicles.img/import and select the .wtd and .wft files and hit open. Then click rebuild and save. Now your mod should work. You can also do this for bikes and helicopters


    Hope it works for you!




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  2. Can I mod GTA4 on the XBOX and PS3?

    No you can't.

  3. What are your pc specs?

    PC Specs:

    HP Pavilion dv6 2120ed notebook, Windows 7 Home Premium,

    15.6 " led screen, AMD Turion II dual core mobile M520 2300MHz , ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 series, 4gb memory, 320 gb harddisk.

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